Today’s investors don’t just want a digital service. They expect it.

Building long-term sustainable relationships relies on high-quality client engagement. Our technology not only supports this but also creates opportunities for engagement with your clients easily and at scale. An important part of this engagement is keeping your clients up to date and informed on their investments. Today's investors want to feel in control of their wealth management. 

A digital advice experience is essential

The intergenerational wealth transfer is underway and millennials and Gen Z expect a digital service. So attracting the next generation of investors requires a next-generation digital client experience that can help you exceed investor expectations.

Delivered in your own corporate branding, Praemium’s Investor Portal allows you to provide a market-leading digital service and give your clients continuous access to their portfolio on any smart device. This allows you to spend less time on portfolio updates and more on engagement with your clients on strategy, goals and progress.


40% of customers today prefer self-service over human contact

(Source: Aspect)


50% believe their adviser should offer a digital solution

(Source: Accenture)


89% of investors say their preferred channel will be mobile apps

(Source: Deloitte)

Provide your clients with a window into their investments

24/7 information from any mobile device

Portfolio reporting plays a crucial role in providing a personalised experience by presenting information to clients that shows their investment solution is uniquely customised to their financial goals.

It supports the high-quality client engagement that investors value as part of a personalised experience and provides opportunity for meaningful conversations.

Investor Portal provides your clients with online access to up-to-date information; such as, valuations, asset breakdowns, performance charts, cash and trade transactions and much more.

Fast, secure and paper-free

Sharing documents and reports via your client's Investor Portal means the information is delivered instantly and a copy is always available to them.

Knowing if and when they view your correspondence provides more opportunities to engage with them.

Requesting your client’s digital consent for forms, account applications and other document types you have sent them is fast, safe, auditable, and paper-free.

Help align your clients investment goals with their values

Providing an investment strategy that aligns with their values is increasingly important for today's investors and provides another opportunity for quality engagement.

Our ESG filters allow the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about your clients’ values and attitudes to ethical investing that further reinforces the adviser-client relationship.

[Over the next two years] digital engagement will become more important than personal interaction for a third of firms.
Deloitte, Wealth and asset management 4.0 - How digital, social, and regulatory shifts will transform the industry

Praemium's Investor Portal

Short demonstration video
Short demonstration video
Take a quick tour around Praemium's Investor portal and the high-quality engagement opportunities it presents.

Client testimonial

Jamie Adern, Kofkin Bond & Co
Jamie Adern, Kofkin Bond & Co
Jamie talks about the value Investor Portal has brought to his clients and the benefit that brings to their business.

Increasing client satisfaction with digital engagement

Delivering an advice service that aligns with investor expectations is a key contributor to client satisfaction and is increasingly important for attracting and retaining clients and building long-term relationships.

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