The industry benchmark for tax & corporate actions

Tax optimisation is one of the most important things to investors, particularly affluent investors, and ensuring you have accurate and up-to-date tax information to develop a tax optimisation strategy is critical.

Praemium’s tax reporting and sophisticated corporate actions management is widely regarded as the best in the industry.

Whether utilising Praemium’s non-custodial reporting solution or one of our custodial solutions, advisers demand a next-generation technology solution from Praemium that can robustly and cost-efficiently report and/or transact on high volumes of investment requests, and is supported by sophisticated corporate actions management.

Our corporate actions expertise across thousands of listed securities means we can deliver accurate tax and performance reporting, minimising the impact of product rulings and ensuring our clients have access to historic reporting at any time.

Tax reporting you can trust

The centre-piece of Praemium’s tax reporting capability is the client Tax Summary report. Directly aligning with the fields on your tax return, you can trust this simple report to provide all you need for portfolio investment tax reporting.

But that is just the beginning.

You can choose from a range of disposal methods and use our sophisticated CGT modelling tools and unique What-If trading calculator to model trade scenarios to achieve the tax results best suited to your client's financial goals.

Why we are so unique

Reconciled and ready to roll

The Praemium team is supported by unique technology that can recalculate an investment portfolio back and forth through time to build a full picture of your client’s tax position at any time in their investment history.

If a corporate action changes, as they frequently do, the platform can go back in time, apply or change the corporate action in your client's account, then move forward to today at the click of a button.

Making the difficult easy

Our team ensures fast and accurate application of corporate actions for all ASX-listed and over 4,000 internationally-listed securities. The Praemium platform recalculates portfolios daily to ensure the portfolio is up to date as quickly as possible.

Praemium offers our advisers the comfort of knowing that portfolios are accurate at all times, even when navigating product rulings that traditional platforms struggle to process. When others are still struggling with complex corporate actions, our team has already double-checked, signed off and moved on.

Our corporate actions expertise and database dating back to 1985 across thousands of listed securities, means we can deliver accurate tax and performance reporting at any time, minimising the impact of product rulings and ensuring our clients have access to historic reporting at any time.

Reporting and future modelling based on your client’s needs

With a Praemium portfolio, you choose the disposal method that best suits your client’s needs and our CGT engine does the rest.

Only with a Praemium portfolio can you travel backwards and forwards in time, which means you can perform future CGT modelling or predict future income, just as easily as retrospective reporting.

A suite of client reports for their every need

Our Tax Summary might be the most popular report, but it is only the tip of our tax reporting suite. 

Out-of-the-box, we also provide realised and unrealised CGT reports, and income and expense reports which detail every cash transaction for accountant strength tax reconciliations. That's over 6 million tax reports generated in the last decade.