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Praemium pioneered Managed Accounts in Australia, launching the first one in 2005, and we have continued to innovate and drive growth in this sector. Working closely with modern and sophisticated practices across Australia, we have assisted our clients in making the transition to managed accounts whilst refining and enhancing our managed account offering for over two decades to offer a truly market-leading solution. 

Praemium's Managed Account solution, and the state-of-the-art technology that underpins it, can transform your business model and create more time for high-quality client engagement and focus on what your clients truly value. 



Boost your business performance

With high-quality client engagement & increased business efficiency


Largest menu of investment options

Deliver a tailored investment portfolio at a competitive cost


Rebalancing technology

Your portfolios continue to be aligned with client strategy

Transform your business with managed accounts

Customised solutions for personalised financial strategies

With the Praemium SMA you can offer your clients a broad choice of 350+ domestic and international model portfolios and underlying investments, including domestic and international listed securities, Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), unlisted managed funds and cash, so you can create truly diversified portfolios for your clients.

Customise further with locks, holds and substitutes or utilise our ESG filters to tailor to ethical considerations scalably and efficiently. 

Praemium's world-class rebalancing engine ensures your clients' portfolios are always in-line with the chosen strategy. 

More time for quality advice

Managed Accounts are a more efficient way to manage portfolios by cutting down the time spent on investment management and paperwork and allowing you to spend more time with clients on things they actually value.  Almost 90% of firms using managed accounts spend more time with their clients once unburdened from back-office activities. 

Additionally, firms using managed accounts for 75% of their clients were reaping the rewards with a 127% uplift in notional profit per owner compared to those firms not using managed accounts. 

Prioritising the client experience

With Praemium's innovative digital Investor Portal you can provide your clients with a market-leading digital experience. 

With customised reporting, performance and tax positions your clients will feel more informed and engaged with their wealth management. Your client meetings can be spent more on strategic conversations rather than portfolio updates. 

Cost-effective competitive solutions

Praemium offers a low minimum investment, with competitive administration fees and low brokerage through aggregated trading and the benefit of Praemium's FUM scale. So your clients will receive a cost-effective solution for their investment needs whatever their account size.  

Webinar: Managing change through a managed account transition
Webinar: Managing change through a managed account transition
Praemium's Martin Morris discusses practical strategies for making a successful transition to managed accounts. From processes to people management and getting clients on board it's an invaluable session.
Profit facts and key success drivers
Profit facts and key success drivers
Our recent managed account research with Business Health provided some fascinating insights into what firms using managed accounts are doing differently to drive increased profits and practice success.

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Discover how Praemium's Managed Accounts can transform your advice practice, offering you one of the largest investment menus, innovative technology, customisable reporting, while potentially boosting profitability for your advisory business. Dive in and transform your approach today!

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