Unconstrained flexibility from the expert private wealth platform

Praemium was founded as a private wealth platform servicing some of Australia's leading institutions and stockbrokers. We've worked collaboratively for decades with our private wealth partners to build a platform that provides the ultimate in flexibility, so you can provide the service that high-net-worth investors demand. 

Our acquisition of the private wealth specialist platform Powerwrap, allowed us to further enhance our bespoke private wealth functionality to offer a breadth of assets and service unrivalled in the Australian market.  

There's a reason why so many of Australia's private wealth firms and family office use Praemium technology, we have decades of experience and expertise in understanding the needs of HNW and UHNW investors and our clients can leverage our bespoke execution capabilities, sophisticated investment options and institutional-grade technology to support large scale complex transactions and reporting. 


Barrons' Top 100 Advisers use Praemium

The preferred platform for Australia's leading private wealth firms


Comprehensive reporting

Tax, liquidity, performance and valuation reports, customisable to client need


Total wealth platform

Manage every asset, every investment and every client on one platform

Unique needs require a unique platform

Sophisticated wholesale clients have high expectations of their advice service. That's why you need a platform that allows you to implement any investment strategy appropriate for your clients and cater to the evolving needs of affluent investors, including intergenerational wealth transfer considerations, total wealth reporting and ESG investing preferences with comprehensive, accurate and engaging reporting to enhance the adviser-client relationship.

Our institutional-grade proprietary technology can form the core of your technology stack, delivering efficiencies in trading, reporting and administration and providing you with the most comprehensive investment menu for wholesale investors, with the ability to manage custodial and non-custodial assets, super and non-super assets on a single platform. 

We understand this market segment like no other platform and we’ve collaborated closely with all areas of wealth management to build a platform that ticks all the boxes for the established and emerging affluent investor and their advisers.

Client Insights - Will Douglas, Koda Capital

Short clip
Short clip
Will Douglas shares his insights on how Praemium's platform technology helps him to deliver a market-leading wealth management experience to his clients.

Client Insights - Luke Laretive, Seneca Financial

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Short clip
Luke Laretive, CEO of Seneca Financial Solutions shares his experience of working with Praemium, the benefits of the technology for his practice and how the team have supported his business ambitions.

Design your private wealth solution without limits

Deliver a comprehensive clever solution that hits the mark

We've curated the most comprehensive list of assets, investment managers and funds to allow you to build a portfolio to suit the exacting demands of your wholesale clients. Supported with the tools you need to administer and report on them.

Experienced in-house team supporting your investment management

Unlike any other platform, we have an experienced in-house intermediary desk that can provide a full range of execution services for options, domestic and international listed securities, Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), bonds, and margin lending.

Praemium also provides full corporate action management and a mailbox facility for all personal HIN assets.

Devise truly tailored investment strategies

We know that affluent investors are often seeking new and exciting investment opportunities, so we offer one of the most comprehensive investment menus in the market, including:

  • retail and wholesale-only managed funds and SMA model portfolios
  • all ASX-listed securities, international securities from over 19 international exchanges
  • cash, fixed interest, term deposits, options
    international and domestic bonds, 
    margin lending

We aim to ensure you have all the options available to create the best solution to meet your clients' wealth objectives.

Access new investment opportunities

Alternative assets are in increasing demand for private wealth portfolios due to the potential they have to minimise volatility and diversify a portfolio due to their low correlation with traditional asset classes. 

Alternative assets typically do not appear on platform-approved product lists because they can be extremely complicated to administer and report on as part of a consolidated investment portfolio. 

Reporting and administering complex assets is what Praemium does best and now you can confidently include these in your portfolio and provide comprehensive reporting on them to your clients. 

Grow your affluent client base with Praemium
Grow your affluent client base with Praemium
Australia's emerging and established affluent investors have unique requirements. To meet their needs you need a platform with the functionality and breadth of investments to support them.
Our latest research into Australia's HNW investors looks at their advice needs, investment preferences and attitudes to advice, providing great insights into how to tailor an advice service to attract and retain them.